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We're a creative digital agency and software Development Company in California, INGIC ignites with the desire to create top-notch and immersive software for brands and businesses belonging to all levels. We partner with well-established brands, agencies and start-ups to create customized solutions and meaningful experiences in the software industry.

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INGIC has developed excellent software solutions for well-established brands as well as startups around the world. Our clients trust us on not only excellent quality but also our creativity. Our team comprises of highly experienced developers, skilled designers and qualified testers. With a right group of employees, INGIC – the leading customized software development company, has always succeeded in building software that are highly result-oriented, cost-effective and value delivering to the clients.

At INGIC, we build creative, affordable, and exclusive software development, making us one of the best software companies in California. We’ve been offering software solutions for over ten years, including customized and tailored solutions.

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Why ChooseUs?

Over the past 10 years, INGIC has been titled with finest software development company California. We provide the most affordable software development solutions to well-known brands as well as startups. Our experts strive to build finest quality software solutions as per desired requirements of clients.

We use agile methodologies in software development, removing junks of iterations, which can be automated through model objects. It minimizes several hours of efforts, which could be utilized in other business operations. To run your business effectively, and achieve boosted ROI, our custom software are absolutely useful!

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Super Agile

Our team of experts use agile software methodology for bespoke software development. To deliver efficient results, we chalk out a roadmap for customized software fulfilling client’s requirements, then build these top-notch software in sprints’ (usually fortnightly), making ourselves flexible on scope and meeting tight deadlines.

Enchanting User Experiences

We believe, Software Development is more than just programming. A well-designed but clunky piece of software not only costs more, but can potentially harm your business’s effectiveness. INGIC— one of the top software development companies in California, has a team of in-house UX designers and experienced consultants, who make every effort to offer delightful users’ experience through customized software and apps.

Robust and Secure Code

Our custom software development solutions are built with robust code and repeatable processes. We utilize source control to ensure accurate code tracking. In addition, we provide Test Driven Development (TDD) service, ensuring all codes are tested, and Continuous Integration ensure these tests run automatically when a code is applied.

Bespoke Software

At INGIC, we build exclusive custom software for your organizational stakeholders – customers, suppliers, managers, engineers, and everyone in between. We’re not just a software development California agency, but our value proposition combines a lean, affordable and IT visionaries. Not to mention, we provide bespoke software that are powerful along with a strategic tool that sets you apart from competitors. We make your business successful and value-driven.

3rd Party System Integration

Our team of vast experienced developers, understand that organizations rely on various systems to run their operations and reach the goals. We’re expert at providing integrated software for local and enterprise solutions that include QuickBooks, e-Commerce Payment Gateways, Sales-Force, the suite of Microsoft products, and more.

Test-Driven Development

INGIC, one of the top-notch software developing companies in California, offers Test-driven development (TDD) method for software development. We're developing the codes that meet your business requirements effectively. We begin with transforming your requirements into test cases, which are defined before any code is written. Then, we develop final code, making those test cases pass.

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