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Single-page app allows you to tell your story in a progressive manner

Better Interaction

We provide Apps which have "Application like" interactions with all the users even though a single page is involved.

Works Offline

Pages are available offline because of easy chaching of the SPA. Loading the entire app in the first go will ultimately

User Experience

Without refreshing the page, HTML is rendered, which gives the user a fluid smooth and seamless experience.

Performance Improvement

All the files are loaded in the first time. All the assets such as HTML/ Javascritpt /CSS/Images files are loaded on the first call.

Load Distribution

Can handle load distribution more efficiently through dynamic data load from the server-side API and connection with powerful web services.

Easy Caching

When the javascript loads the first time, it saves a cache of the application, making sure it loads quicker next time.

Sample of recent designs

Applications that impact the bottom-line

Ingic believes that customers experience is the key to success. Single page applications provides the best experience by doing away with loading delays or refreshing the page for each load.

Ingic believes that customers experience is the key to success. Single page applications provides the best experience by doing away with loading delays or refreshing the page for each load.

Single page application frameworks

JavaScript is extensively used to build dynamic web solutions, from server to client, and at Ingic, web developers have mastered it. Being complementary to, and integrated with, Java; JavaScript skill is a natural extension of the Java development competency Ingic is proud of.

Our team consists of seasoned software engineers with a the experience and intellect to understand the rise of HTML5/JavaScript-based frameworks that are extensively used for SPA development enabling native, app-like interaction with the app and real-time web functionality.

What our customers are saying about us

Rick Fraser Pixelpaint
Overall Rating From 54 Users
Helpful & friendly!

They listened well and gave excellent suggestions about a way forward, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

19 Apr 2015

Sarah Morse Dove Agency
Overall Rating From 57 Users
Pragmatic Approach

They followed a simple and pragmatic approach to development that ensured no surprises. Their communication is clear and focused and they worked with me to ensure priority fixes/enhancements made best use of the limited time and budget we had.

24 May 2016

Richard Harman POLITIK
Overall Rating From 50 Users
Love the new site!

Congratulations and thank you for the fantastic job you have both done developing the POLITIK website. I always knew developing a news website with a subscription paywall would be difficult. But you guys handled it really well.

28 June 2014

Dickon Lentell Wakefields Digital
Overall Rating From 54 Users
Expert support!

I have used Ingic for the last five years on several projects. The projects have ranged from small to large, involving extensive back end databases with online transactions. I have always found them helpful, honest and they have always completed the projects to a high standard. I would not hesitate in recommending them.

03 July 2015

Tim Highley The Brrand Pool
Overall Rating From 51 Users
Highly Recommended!

We have worked with Ingic on several occasions. Their work and communication has always been outstanding and they've gone above and beyond what was expected whenever it was needed.

05 Nov 2016

Eric Akervall Green Growth Digital
Overall Rating From 57 Users

We found that you guys performed the work very professionally and that your response times, when issues were identified, was great. Overall, it's been great working together on this and I believe that we will have more work that we can do together in a near future!

10 Dec 2017

How it works

Pioneer in creating & mastering custom website to perfection


Strategy Formulation

Our strategists devise customer oriented strategies that help increase the overall ROI of your business.


Creative Design

Our creative designers are known for producing bespoke designs that are functional & well integrated into the system.



Our website developers create a striking interface which is 100% bug-free and matches with the approved designs.


Project Launch

Just before the launch of website, our quality assurance team carry testing that ensures the project is bug-free.


We know these inside out & that's how we roll!

Dominate your industry with excellent web solutions

Our team of experienced professionals develop the website according to your requirements after the detailed study of your business.


Having helped hundreds of startups and successful brands in getting their business up and running.


By formulating the right strategy, we save our clients time, money and effort.


Taking stringent quality assurance measures at each state of project execution.