Our CRM software understands customers

Our customer relationship management software provides you with a complete picture of every one of your customer's activity with your organization.

Let's build something great together!


Our team develops customized CRM softwares for your company according to your requirements.


We'll handle the installation and have you up and running in no time.


We transform ineffective CRM software into efficient and highly functional infrastructures

Customers are our most valuable assets

At Ingic, we consider our customers our most valuable assets. We help our clients follow the similar ideal by providing them with extraordinary CRM software solutions.

Our clients' trust in our services comes from our extreme attention to detail and the high quality of our work. We have served our clients with CRM solutions by providing them different creative ideas for their customer acquiring and retention.

Stay connected with your customers

Maintaining a good connection with customers is the key of healthy relationship with them. Our CRM system manages the customer data and consistently reminds your employees to connect with customers at strategic times.

What our customers are saying about us

Kyle Harrington Foetek Pharmacy
Overall Rating From 52 Users
Noticeable growth!

After the implementation of Ingic's CRM system, our sales and customer retention have increased by huge margins. We're able to keep track of customers very easily.

24th Feb 2016

David Carl Epic Arts
Overall Rating From 50 Users
Visible growth in our sales!

Ingic is one of the best companies to work with! Their CRM system has had a great impact on our sales. We're consistently able to contact our customers at just the right time -- thanks to Ingic's software.

14th Nov 2015

David Blitz Marint Shipment
Overall Rating From 49 Users
Highly recommended to others!

We're very happy with Ingic's work. They kept us updated through the entire project; I knew exactly how much work had been completed and how much was left.

30th Jan 2015

Nathan Kert Kert & co.
Overall Rating From 44 Users
Highly Talented!

Ingic's team is highly talented! Our system is very complex and I was shocked that they understood all of our processes so quickly.

14th Jan 2013

Donald Kyle Spirit Clothing
Overall Rating From 46 Users
Great Work!

We have several office branches throughout our city. Ingic was able to develop a CRM that integrated the systems into one, which cut our costs almost in half and saved us a lot of time!

29 Aug 2016

Michael Alphonse Krint Mills
Overall Rating From 49 Users
Amazing Job!

Thanks to Ingic, we're able to manage all of our customer data according to priority. Thank, Ingic!

14th Oct 2013

Operational CRM

Our operational CRM streamlines the processes of lead generation, sales, marketing and after-sales services.

Analytical CRM

We understand that CRM is completely dependent upon data. Because of that, our analytical CRM fetches and analyzes the data, which helps organizations to determine the better way to serve their customers.

Collaborative CRM

Collaboration between departments can be a big problem for some organizations. Our collaborative CRM builds communication between various departments and makes it easier to float customer information throughout the organization.

Strategic CRM

Our clients use strategic CRM to improve and customize the interactions with customers to maintain long-term relationships.

Scalable CRM

Choose selective CRM functions initially, and add more features later as your requirements increase.

Custom CRM

We offer customized CRM for those who believe their customer relationship management is a complex process.

What You Can Do With It


The Ingic Difference

Our team of highly-experienced developers makes software after detailed study of your business processes.

Iterative Approach

Once designed, the code is developed and tested in repeated cycles to ensure flawless results.

Superior Quality

We always make sure the quality of software we're delivering gives you an edge over your competitors.

IPR Protection

Our customer's trust is always our first priority. Our coding and designs are original for our clients, and we never share or reuse them.