Automation systems to speed up operations

Our business automation system makes it easy for you to handle and speed up your daily operations

Let's build something great together!


We develop custom automation systems based on your requirements and industry


We help ineffective and aging softwares to work efficiently and evolve according to business requirements


We offer complete maintenance and support for all kinds of ongoing automation systems

Reduce Human Error

When it comes to business data input, mitigating risk is a major concern. We can help you minimize risk and increase productivity.

Human errors in repetitive tasks are common in the business environment. Our automated processes make it easy to identify the risks of human error and place appropriate controls to reduce that risk.

Our business automation systems are specifically designed to follow certain patterns so that your processes run smoothly.

Effortless and efficient processes

Our automation system is modeled to produce effortless and efficient business operations which allows you to work effectively and easily. Because different departments are provided with their own module, each and every task of your business is made functional and methodical.

What our customers are saying about us

Timothy Erik Zoetek Pharmacy
Overall Rating From 52 Users
Loved the end results!

Ingic has transformed our company into a highly advanced world where all our processes are so easy we have to put almost 50% less efficiency than before.

11th Feb 2011

Peter Philip Jupiter Marketing
Overall Rating From 49 Users
Thanks a lot to Ingic!

Ingic has the team of best developers. They surprised me with the end results. My business process are completely automated thanks to Ingic.

19th April 2016

Chris Marsh Varsiety Traders
Overall Rating From 53 Users
Great Work!!

Ingic turned our company's complex processes into easy and smooth operations. They studied our entire processes and then provided us with exact required solutions.

18th Dec 2016

Joseph Stanlake Anthor Micro Bank
Overall Rating From 50 Users
Thanks to Team Ingic!

Ingic has provided us with marvelous systems which has automated all our business processes. They're a team of highly talented individuals.

14th Oct 2015

Paul Crane Young Mary Communities
Overall Rating From 54 Users
Strongly recommended to others!

Our company used to face a lot of problems while working manually, someone recommended us to contact Ingic. It changed everything we're very thankful to Ingic business process automation systems for making our operations easy and smooth.

17th Mar 2013

Ken Adams Arshley's
Overall Rating From 49 Users
Highly Satisfied!

Our company has been working with Ingic from a long time. They're the best in whatever they do. They delivered the exact required automation system for my company within few days.

7th May 2016

Database Systems

We provide database design and management services for multiple operations. Our team of developers is highly experienced in creating and maintaining custom database designs and have expertise in secure database management solutions.

Marketing and Customer Support

Ingic understands that companies have been facing difficulties in capturing and retaining customers. We've developed different models which helps companies market their products digitally. For customer support, our business automation systems can be integrated with customer relationship management software.

Admin Tasks

Our team of developers has expertise in automation of administration duties. Our clients have been using our admin task automation systems for auto emails, payment reminders, thank-you letters, preplanning questionnaires and even auto monthly payments for certain things.

Client Management

Managing clients can be overwhelming sometimes. Using our business process automation system can make client management much easier. Collaboration, Automatic updates and Document management are few functions of our system which are helpful for client management.

Project Management

No matter if the company is small or large, most of them face problems when it comes to project management. Our team helps you in achieving long-terms goals by keeping track of projects and tasks and keep the employees up-to-date with any new developments.

Data Science and Analytics

We've helped our clients to convert data into useful information. Our highly trained engineers have been building predictive and prescriptive models that extracts relevant data from millions of records of data.

Our Competent Domains


The Ingic Difference

Our team of highly-experienced developers makes software after detailed study of your business processes.

Iterative Approach

Once designed, the code is developed and tested in repeated cycles to ensure flawless results.

Superior Quality

We always make sure the quality of software we're delivering gives you an edge over your competitors.

IPR Protection

Our customer's trust is always our first priority. Our coding and designs are original for our clients, and we never share or reuse them.