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Types of augmented reality apps we develop

Real-Time Recognition

Character, face or object, we develop applications which have the recognition abilities

Marker-based AR

Ingic's Marker based AR applications easily recognizes and processes images.

Location Based Apps

We have expertise in developing location based point of interest applications.

Markerless AR

We use high-quality graphics and creativity in order to promote your brands message

Our augmented reality development offerings

We provide a wide range of Augmented Reality application development with superior quality and creative ideas
3D Modelling

We have developed several design for Augment to allow you to export your models easily from your design software to Augment.

Rigging & Animation

From rigging to animation we provide full-fledge services in order to make your applications attractive

Unique Functionality

Our team of experts is able to provide unique and advanced funtionality for your applications

Unique Ux

Ingic provides best user experience for mobile augmented reality applications with unique high quality graphics & user-friendly interface

App Testing

Apps developed for the multi platforms undergo multiple tests to ensure that the final product is free from any technical or layout glitches

Seamless Actions

Smooth touchscreen interactions, customized and seamless gestures for motion detection in gaming.

Home Automation

We were contacted with an idea of Ecommerce AR application. Our client is an online seller of furniture and interior design products. We developed an application for consumers which provided a live experience of how their product would appear on their desired position. It made it easier for them to make quick decisions while purchasing.

Plantation Application

Our client wanted to provide an easy solution for plantation with an Augmented Reality Application. Ingic developed an application which had the ability to recognize the plant name and its environmental requirement of specific plant.

Our approach

Strategy & Design

We brainstorm an ROI based strategy for your app to ensure maximum downloads and revenue generation. Our brilliant app designers craft a app prototype that is feature rich and user friendly.

Development & QA

Our developers provide par-excellence services to develop an eye-catching interface for your project which is closely monitored by QA team to make it completely bug free.

Marketing and Promotion

We send your app to the digital waves for Marketing and Distribution. May it be App Store, Google Play or App Center we successfully promote your app on all the platforms.

What our customers are saying about us

John Pop Resert Agency
Overall Rating From 57 Users
Recommended to others!

The idea for my Augmented reality app was a very complex one, I wasn't sure if it's applicable or not, but somehow, talented developers and designers at Ingic made it possible without any difficulties

02 Dec 2016

Sean Trent Vox Consultancy
Overall Rating From 47 Users
Highly Appreciated!

Highly responsive and patient, and above all they developed the exact AR app which I desired. Strongly recommended to others!

02 Jan 2017

Adrian Beaver Satin designers
Overall Rating From 54 Users
Great process of work!

Our Company has enjoyed the opportunity to work with the entire Ingic team. What a great process they have created to help in development of our AR applications

09 Feb 2016

Marilyn Nowak Nowak Estates
Overall Rating From 44 Users
Best Services!

My AR application was not easiest to develop. But Ingic developed my application with ease and perfection. I look forward to work with Ingic in future.

27 March 2016

Smith Marsh Resvert Consultants
Overall Rating From 49 Users
Enjoyed working with Ingic!

I've been working with different IT firms in last few years, but Ingic is the best experience I've ever had, their working process and responsiveness played a vital role in development of my AR application.

22 May 2013

Shaun Kim Testvert Agnecy
Overall Rating From 49 Users
Best Services!

Ingic's AR application are the best. Working with Ingic was one the best decisions for my company, they fulfilled all my requirements with ease and within due date.

02 July 2015

Some industries we have worked with

We've created extraordinary custom apps for multiple industries
  • Action Games
  • Strategy Games
  • Trivia Games
  • Smart Glasses
  • Smart Watches
  • Goggles
Industrial work
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Training Apps
Social Networking
  • Entertainment
  • Image Processing
  • Trial Apps
  • Shopping Apps
  • Product Labelling
  • Car Problem Diagnosis
  • Crash Response
  • Manufacturing
  • House Decoration
  • Cooking Apps
  • Language Translations
Health & Fitness
  • Wearable Equipments
  • Weight Loss
  • Exercise


Our teams design robust and scalable solutions by choosing the right technology stack to build your app.

A few clients we've been fortunate enough to work with