Automate manual workflows

Our workflow automation enables you to save time and lower costs by reducing human intervention in every aspect of your processes.

Let's build something great together!


We develop full-fledge custom designed workflow automation software.


We integrate our workflow automation system with other processes in order to increase collaboration.


We're able to breathe new life into aging and ineffective workflow systems to make them more efficient.

Work smarter not harder

Because working smartly is the key to high productivity, you should leave all of your manual and repetitive tasks to our workflow automation system. This way, your employees can devote their efforts to more productive tasks.

Replace paper-based and manual processes

Our workflow automation services lead the way to greater productivity. Through digital transformation, workflow automation replaces manual and paper-based processes.

What our customers are saying about us

Patrick Jones Linkage Corporation
Overall Rating From 44 Users
Strongly Recommended!

I've been working with lots of website and software development companies, but Ingic is the best of them all! Looking forward to working with Ingic for more projects!

14th Jun 2015

Cindy Jones Cindy Design Center
Overall Rating From 52 Users
Marvelous Job!

I couldn't believe how Ingic was able to develop my e-commerce website with so little information. They were very responsive to my questions and they delivered on their promises. I loved the results!

16th March 2014

Martha Bruce Divine Traders
Overall Rating From 50 Users
Highly Satisfied

The best part of working with Ingic was their responsiveness. I kept making changes during development but their patient and responsive attitude was their best attribute! I'm highly satisfied with their services.

26th May 2016

Chris Mills FITKIT Exercise Equipment
Overall Rating From 54 Users
Recommended to others!

Ingic's workflow automation software helped us to cut our costs almost in half!

14th Feb 2016

Michael Starc Krentech Services
Overall Rating From 54 Users
Happier than ever!

Ingic's automation software is a piece of art! My employees are more than happy!

11th Sep 2015

Sean Head Heed Publishers
Overall Rating From 49 Users
Best software development company!

I consider Ingic to be the best software development company because of the quality of their work and their dedication they make to each project.

26th Nov 2014

Human Resource Workflow Automation

By automating the majority of your everyday HR activities with Ingic's HR workflow automation software, you can eliminate redundancy, increase accuracy and ensure your data is always up-to-date and complete.

Manufacturing Workflow Automation

Manufacturing on any scale poses multiple challenges, including quality control, increasing productivity or maximizing efficiency. Ingic's Manufacturing Solution quickly standardizes and controls your processes to ensure optimum performance at every level.

Customer Services Automation

By using our automated customer service software -- which is designed specifically to enhance the customer experience -- you'll be able to handle even more sales, maximize your efficiency and provide top-quality services.

Financial Workflow Automation

Financial activities are one of most complex and time-taking process in an organization. Our system helps our clients to make their financial processes smooth by automating everything from capital expenditure requests to invoice reconciliation.

Inventory Tracking Automation

You'll to know where your inventory is at any time to ensure efficient workflows and customer satisfaction.

Administrative Workflow Automation

Organizations receive thousands of requests each day, and it can take weeks to handle each one manually. Ingic's administrative workflow automation digitizes forms and automates the processes, reducing your cost and saving your time.

What You Can Do With It


The Ingic Difference

Our team of highly-experienced developers makes software after detailed study of your business processes.

Iterative Approach

Once designed, the code is developed and tested in repeated cycles to ensure flawless results.

Superior Quality

We always make sure the quality of software we're delivering gives you an edge over your competitors.

IPR Protection

Our customer's trust is always our first priority. Our coding and designs are original for our clients, and we never share or reuse them.