Earn back the reputation your brand deserves

We understand that the internet can be a little harsh to valued businesses. Our RM services make sure that they don't make it to the first page.

Let's build something great together!

Your customers get the right impression about your marketing brand

Manage Reputation

Ingic manages reputation and secures your personal information, and guards against any slander before it affects your financial growth.

Remove Negative Reviews

We not only boost your rankings but proactively work to push your negative reviews down the search results.

Repair Reputation

We use proven strategies to get your brand into the limelight. Ingic will remedy reputations across social media and search engines.

Boost Visibility

We build up a credible, effective and catchy brand image to stand out from the rest of the niche competition.

Sentiment Analysis

We keep a close eye on the market and make sure that there are positive sentiments around you and your brand.


All our services revolve around our dedication to your privacy. We respect your wish if you want to keep your activity confidential.

Save your reputation

A good reputation is the key to successful business. We believe that our client's reputation is our responsibility. Maintaining a good reputation can be a difficult task these days on a competitive online market

Ingic helps you erase negativity around an individual name or product, as well as a brand, and gives you a clean slate from which to work. We protect your brand from negative publicity and help you understand the needs of a discerning consumer.

Consistent monitoring and protection

Face false complaints, competitor envy and misinformation online with a more seasoned hand. We get your brand the best protection against any form of online slander and professional competition.

Look your best online

Our team of experts work to examine the reputation of your brand, its positioning in the market, and competition to choose the right campaign strategy. Ingic protects, analyses and improves brands!

What our customers are saying about us

Derrick Swanso OpenSail International
Overall Rating From 57 Users
Comprehensive services!

Ingic is the most comprehensive reputation management agency available today, which why I choose their services to form the backbone of my company.

02 Dec 2016

Darren Haimer The Dawn Herald
Overall Rating From 47 Users

Ingic effectively communicates the necessity of online reputation management and the importance of customer excellence being the "virtual doorway" of any business

02 Jan 2017

Tim Federick Third River Marketing
Overall Rating From 54 Users
Enterprise level service!

When we first started looking for additional reputation options for our customers, we wanted to find an enterprise level solution that we could be confident would work well and add value to our existing offerings and platform. We found Ingic and haven't looked back since

09 Feb 2016

How it works

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Requirement Gathering

We will contact you to get more details on what keywords do you want to rank, and in what time frame?


Campaign Strategy

Based on your business goals, we will devise a strategy to boost your campaign for profitable results within weeks.


Monitor Performance

Every month we send in-depth analyses and recommendations based on industry metrics and your individual business goals

Digital apparatus

We know these inside out & that's how we roll!

We turn cold leads into sales

You need a digital agency that incorporates creative campaigns, innovative technology, and accurate analytics.


We will synthesize a strategy that will outline your business's unique path for succeeding online.


We can drive traffic that will be more likely to engage with your website & take a desired action.


We make sure that the visitor takes a desired action, whether it be a form submission or some other goal.