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INGIC is a user-centered California Web Design company, creating intelligent and immersive digital experiences for the past 20 years. We are inspired by culture and experience, experts in brand, web and visual content and passionate about consistently being the leading California web design company.


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First impression is everything for a business image. Our team is renowned for building a first-string website design in California for the top-level brands and startups, crafting an image in the customers’ mind in as little as 1/20th of a second.

Simply put, we design websites with a difference! Our websites not only look top-notch, they are easy to use and, most importantly, they achieve fascinating results. On top of that, our solutions are packed with digital marketing tools to guarantee your company's online presence is a top-level success. Being a top web design agency California, INGIC makes every effort to keep clients stay ahead in a competition.

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Our Expertise

As a leading website design company California, INGIC stays updated with latest tech ongoing, keeping clients on top among the rest. We are expert at designing websites that reflects a strong brand image. Our experts build a right message for you, and once that message hits the right audience, you begin to rake. For this, INGIC can help you excel.

Not to mention, our dedicated consultants assist each of our clients through the whole process from Go to Whoa! Surprisingly, our web solutions suit a range of budgets and requirements, and Best of all, our clients know they won't be faced with any expensive surprises along the way.

So, if your existing website is not empowering your business goals, it’s time to pull up our sleeves! We believe good websites can reach great heights and speak volumes and we work out solutions that we believe in. INGIC, as one of the leading web designing companies in California, aims to offer websites that drive businesses huge conversions.

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Our Excellence

We vet your Ideas, focus on the objectives, and set the strategies


We define your requirements, and identify your vision. Then chalk out a complete plan to synchronize your website to your business mission. INGIC, the exceptional California website company, gives top-notch web platforms that help you excel.


At INGIC, the leading website design company in California, we keep our clients with us; creating samples for a satisfactory approval. It enables us to develop a web design that best meets your expectations and business model.


The moment our clients approve our designs, we start programming which include style sheets, virtuous coding and highly intrigued graphics, to deliver a website that is enchanting and extremely functional.


Once the development processes are finalized, we begin deployment and testing with high-quality assurance and fine-tuning. INGIC, the leading edge web design company California, ensures hundred percent results.

Our Work your Show!


For any good E-commerce website, you require there ingredients: Usability, functionality and security. Being the leading edge California website design company, we cook the right online business platform that requires the necessary ingredients to produce enchanting revenues. From bespoke catalogue management to SEO-friendly blueprints, our e-Commerce solution is the right thing.


Mobile Friendly

Mobile Social sharing has gotten importance beyond the limits. Our websites are most-liked among clients, which are 100% compatible with small screens. Since 2009, we’re the leading mobile website designing company in California, possess extensive knowledge of responsive website development, making our clients ahead of the curve.On top, as the mainstream website company in California, INGIC excels in mobile app development. Also, we strive to serve you the finest mobile apps and solutions.


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At INGIC, the cutting-edge web design company in California, we design and develop sites at awe-inspiring speeds. With us, you can enjoy some of the best turnaround times and region.


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