Project Overview

We were approached to create a website for Dubai Airport. The sole purpose of this website was to promote the quest that Dubai Airport has initiated. The users have to form a team and create a passenger profile. Earn points by providing the best possible experience to the passengers.

Taking Competition
To Sky Limits

Since the website was aimed to promote the quest, we utilized all the possible touchpoints to draw visitors’ attention towards the challenge. From a visible registration form on the header banner to showcasing the leadership board, we attempted everything possible to maintain the spirit of the competition.
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Designed To Ensure Quality sky above

We were well-versed with the big plans regarding the quest that Dubai Airport had in mind. Ingic designed the website in a way to leveraging the digital marketing features of the platform and crafting pathways that’ll add value to visitors of this website.

To The Core

To increase the number of participants, it was important to facilitate them with a responsive website that can allow them to play their part no matter wherever they are, or whichever device they use.

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