Project Overview

The client contacted us to create a user-friendly website that can stay well-aligned with their branding message and company culture. The navigation was needed to be strategically planned from the get-go to make sure no matter where the visitor is on the website, s/he can easily skip to the desired section in just a few clicks and taps.

Designed for
User Engagement

Considering the design, client wanted to have a website that keeps a fine balance between fun, yet professional. Therefore, we selected a corporate red palette, contrasted against green to represent trust and integrity.


Maximum User-friendliness

We crafted an appealing and user-friendly experience paired with an innovative responsive design. The main goal was to ensure maximum user-friendliness while integrating the required functionalities like sales points, troubleshooting, coverage to name a few.

Aesthetically Pleasing Across All Screens

We created a responsive website for our client that appears evenly appealing on different screen sizes and resolutions.

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