INGIC - Certified Google Partner

INGIC proudly announces that we're a certified Google Partner! We have been working in the digital world from over a decade and Google has helped us all the way through. Being a recognized digital agency and a certified Google Partner, we assure that we'll provide top quality services and help our clients to gain competitive advantage in their respective industry.

How Google has helped us?

Google has always helped INGIC to stay ahead in the digital world. Being a google partner has been beneficial for us in every way, whether we talk about keyword research or advertisements, Google’s adword tool has always helped us to stay on top of our competitors.

Why choose INGIC? A Certified Google Partner

Certified Account Managers

Our experienced and certified Google Analysts & Account Manager help us in running the most effective ad campaigns for you.

Google’s Features

INGIC can access all the newly introduced products and features of Google. We use it for you after testing its effectiveness.

Split Testing & Innovation

We're allowed to practice split testing or our campaigns to attract maximum number of customers to your landing pages.

Adwords Features

We're fully aware of all the hidden techniques and tactics of google and we're here to save our clients from negative marketing.

No Delay

With gigantic spending record, our expert google representative helps us to serve our clients without waiting for campaign reviews and approvals.

Work With Certified Partner

Working with a certified google partner is a benefit in itself, you can easily believe that your online reputation is in safe hands.

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